Once you master shooting on the move, we throw in a new dynamic (darkness)! One of the best ways to become a better shooter, is to put yourself in challenging shooting environments.

At Frisco Gun Club, we have adopted this philosophy and as a result we now offer our Dynamic Shooting - Low Light course. Students will be challenged by learning to navigate, use concealment, and identify potential threats in the dark.  Students will be taught how to shoot while holding a flashlight or using a weapon-mounted light, how to look for auxiliary light sources, how to use different flashlight lighting techniques and how to identify threats vs. non threats in a low light environment.  All of this will be done in our indoor training bay with the lights off. As a student you will gain the necessary skills needed to confidently use your firearm in a darkened room. Required classes prior to taking Low Light Shooting are Holster 1, Dynamic Shooting Foundations (Action 1), and at least four (4) Dynamic Shooting – Practical Application sessions, taken within the last two months.

** This is a 2 part class. Each 2 hour session must be scheduled separately.   Completion of the Basic session will be required in order to participate in the Advanced session.

Dynamic Shooting - Low Light Basics

We will first meet in the classroom to talk about things like gear choices, grip techniques, and lighting techniques, followed by time spent on the range acclimating to the dark and doing both cold (no shooting) and basic live fire drills.

Cost: $99 / person
Class Length: 2 hours
Participants: 6
Pre-Requisites:  Holster 1, Action I Dynamics (Moving & Shooting), at least 4 Dynamic Shooting – Practical Application sessions completed within the last 2 months


  • 50 rounds of appropriate ammo
  • Light Source (flashlight or WML, weapon-mounted light)
  • Handgun & Holster (if using WML, holster must accommodate it)

Dynamic Shooting - Low Light Advanced

In the Advanced session, we will briefly meet in the classroom to recap the basic techniques and have a safety briefing, then quickly move to the range where we'll work on basic warm-ups before we move on to more advanced drills like magazine changes, malfunction handling and advanced target recognition in a more dynamic shooting course.

Cost: $99 / person
Class Length: 2 hours
Participants: 6
Pre-Requisite:  Dynamic Shooting – Low Light Basics
Requirements:  Same as the Basic session, except 100-150 rounds of appropriate ammo

TO REGISTER:  If you have questions about the class or would like to register -- Because of the prerequisites required, please email an instructor to schedule this class:  fgctraining@friscogun.com

Class Component Low Light Basic Low Light Advanced
Classroom Instruction Comprehensive Recap
Stationary Drills Cold drills and basic live-fire drills Warm-up and advanced live-fire drills
Dynamic Drills Cold drills and basic live-fire drills ONLY Advanced live-fire and Target Recognition drills
Malfunctions Handling Discussion Only Dynamic Drills
Magazine Changes Discussion Only Dynamic Drills