• Handle and treat all firearms as if they were loaded. Keep your finger off of the trigger until ready to shoot. Keep all firearms pointed downrange at all times.

  • Make sure the angle of your shooting is so that your round does not impact the ceiling, floor or walls.

  • Wear eye and ear protection at all times while on the range.

  • Keep all firearms in your assigned stall and pointed down range at all times.

  • Place all bags, guns and gear taken into the handgun bays on the benches in front of you.

  • Disclose all types of firearms and ammunition taken out to the range.

  • Sweep brass forward and throw away all trash in receptacles behind you when finished.

  • Keep the flash turned off if using any i Pods, phones, or cameras while out on the range for safety reasons.

Do Not:

  • Do not take any food or drink on the range for health and safety reasons.

  • Do not pull out a firearm in the retail area without permission and under the close supervision of an employee.

  • If there is an issue with any firearms on the range please leave the firearm in your shooting stall and ask one of our range officers for assistance.

  • Do not remove firearms from the shooting position unless they are unloaded and in a case.

  • Do not clean or disassemble firearms out on the range or retail area. We are not responsible for lost parts.

  • Do not shoot handguns or handgun ammunition on the rifle bays – including 22 Long Rifle (22 Long Rifle shot from rifles is acceptable)

  • Do not fire any steel shot, BB’s, steel core, steel case or military surplus ammunition. Steel can cause fires on the range when it hits the steel trap. Lead BB’s/ pellets are OK to shoot on either rifle or pistol ranges.

  • Do not switch firearms from lane to lane, move shooters not firearms.

  • Do not allow your children under the age of 17 out of your sight the minimum age for shooters is 8 years old.

  • Do not draw from holster or re-holster handguns on the range. If your wish to shoot your concealed handgun. Bring it in the range unloaded and in a case.

  • No rapid fire, which means 1 shot every 2 seconds with the exception of double taps.

  • No double taps allowed in the rifle bay.

Fine Print:

  • Payment of the bill is asked for at the end. Any damage to the range equipment will be assessed and a charge is applied to the bill prior to check out.

  • If there is a problem on the range with a firearm, please lay the firearm down pointed downrange and get a range officer.

  • All range officers have the right to deny range access if any of the range rules are violated resulting in an unsafe act.

  • For safety reasons, all ammunition will be inspected before entering the range. At this time please present all of your ammunition for inspection.

  • You MAY shoot some calibers that are not allowed to be fired at some indoor ranges including FN 5.7x28.