The Frisco Gun Club offers 40 total shooting lanes with state of the art digitally controlled target carrier systems. Our shooting stalls are divided by 1 inch thick bullet proof glass (the same kind used in armored cars) and are 9 inches wider than standard range shooting stalls. Each lane has a steel tube under the rest for storing rolled targets, and a hook to hang range bags. 24 of our lanes can be viewed through bullet-proof observation windows so you can watch friends and family from outside of the range.

Enjoy (36) pistol ranges at 25yds featuring a total steel containment trap. Pistols, .22 rifles, and AR-platform rifles (chambered in .223) are shot here.

Our (4) 100 yard rifle lanes are fully climate controlled, with touchscreen targeting systems. Shoot rifles up to, but not including .50 cal.  Pistols are not allowed on the rifle ranges.

New SHOTGUN Range Policy
Shotguns will no longer be allowed to be fired at Frisco Gun Club the pistol lanes.  However shotguns may be shot on the rifle lanes with slugs only.



  • Be prepared and expect to show ammunition for inspection at range check-in.

  • All firearms brought into the facility must be in a range bag or case of some kind.

  • Guests may not use a concealed firearm on the range. If you would like to practice with your concealed firearm, please put it into a case before entering the facility.

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Safety is every person’s responsibility. Before your inaugural shot, you are required to view a brief safety video or listen to a safety briefing from our Range Safety Officers. This video informs you of the uniqueness of our range, the equipment and our range safety rules. Signing a waiver and filing it with the Frisco Gun Club is standard before use.

Range safety officers and concierge staff are on vigilant to help keep the range safe. If you need or request advice or help with your shooting, concierge staff is here to help. And if you become aware of a safety issue at Frisco Gun Club, please contact a safety officer immediately. The expectation of Frisco Gun Club is that all members and guests handle firearms safely and responsibly.