Since real life shooting scenarios rarely involve standing still and shooting at a fixed object, Frisco Gun Club now offers our Dynamic Shooting Series of classes. This class series begins with Dynamic Shooting - Foundations (formerly Action 1 - Moving & Shooting) and this class will teach you how to effectively move and shoot your gun at the same time. You will be taught how to use proper footwork, scan for targets while navigating around obstacles, and even perform reloads while moving and shooting. This class stresses the importance of being able to process multiple events, all happening at the same time, all while staying focused on your target and placing rounds in an effective manner. 

You will leave this class confident that you will be able to recognize cover vs. concealment, and that you can move from one point to another, all while firing and manipulating your firearm in a safe, effective, and quick manner. To register for this class, all students must have successfully passed Holster 1.

Cost:  $99 / person
Schedule: Select Saturdays; 9-11am and 12pm-2pm
Class Length:  2 hours
Participants:  6
Pre-Requisite:  Holster 1
Equipment Requirements:  Your own firearm, appropriate holster and belt
Ammunition Requirements:  100 rounds of appropriate ammo