Is Frisco Gun Club open to the Public?
Yes, we are open to the public for range usage, gunsmith, classes, cafe, and retail.  

What is the range fee for public?
$20/Initial Shooter, $15/Additional Shooter, $8/Under 18yrs. Old (Hourly & same lane) on 25 yd lanes and $35/Initial Shooter, $20/Additional Shooter, $10/Under 18yrs. Old (Hourly & same lane) on 100yd rifle lanes.  

Can I shoot with 2 people on one lane?
Yes – guest on same 25 yard lane pays $15/person; on the same 100 yard rifle lane pays $20/hour/person.

What is the minimum age required to shoot at the range?
At age 18, an individual can shoot on the range without an adult present.  They must bring their own firearms and ammunition.  At age 21, they may rent or purchase firearms and ammunition. Kids under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian -- or have a valid Parent Permission Form.

What is the minimum age to shoot accompanied by an adult?
We like for children to be at least 8 - 10 years old to shoot with a parent or guardian.  We reserve the right to make a judgment on age based on the child and the parent’s ability to manage that child on the range.

Will FGC work with groups like IPSC/USPSA, IDPA and IMGA?
We are actively pursuing partnerships with these groups and have just recently started working with the Collin County IDPA on Monday evenings to hold matches.  Contact CCIDPA for more details.

What is the primary difference between a Platinum and VIP Club membership?
Our Platinum membership is for customers who plan on shooting regularly at the club, typically more than twice a month.  Platinum members shoot without any lane fees, and enjoy all the benefits and discounts of membership.

Our VIP Club membership offers an entirely different experience with all the luxuries of a country club atmosphere.  In addition to the benefits listed above, VIP Club members enjoy a private VIP Club lounge with leather seating, fireplace, cigar room, flat screen TV, private meeting/card rooms, full-time attendant, upscale fine dining and drinks, after-hours biometric range access, onsite gun storage, and transferable memberships.  VIP Club members also have exclusive use of 6 private shooting lanes and an upscale restaurant with full bar which will be billed to them monthly.

Are there any range fees if I’m a member?
As a Regular member, your Range fees would be ½ price.  Platinum and VIP Club members pay no range fees to use the club.

If I’m a member, can I bring a guest?
Yes.  Guests of Regular and Platinum members pay just $15/person while accompanying a member on the range. VIP Club members can bring guests with them anytime (up to 4) on a private VIP lane (same lane) at no charge.

Are memberships transferable?
Our VIP Club memberships are 100% fully transferable - we will elect a "Membership Committee" made up of VIP Club members to help in the transfer process.

How do Family memberships work?
Our Regular and Platinum memberships have a “family” option. Family memberships cover up to 6 members of the same household, as defined by address on driver’s license. All of our memberships cover household members regardless of age AND ALSO cover immediate children (even if they live away from home) up to age 25.

Can I buy a membership, but pay monthly instead of paying all of it up front?
Absolutely! We have annual and monthly options for most memberships. Details >>


Do you allow draw from holster and/or tactical maneuvering at the range?
Yes! Partly.... We are starting with "Draw from Holster" as part of our "Tactical Tuesdays."  Get all the details at this link.

What are your restrictions on ammo used at the range?
We will not allow penetrator (API) rounds, no tracers, no lead (except .45 Long colt) and nothing 50 BMG or bigger.

Can we shoot FMJs at the FGC range?
Yes as long as they are not magnetic.

What kinds of guns will you allow on the range (We've had lots of questions, so this list continues to grow as new questions are asked)?
We will allow all standard types of handguns and rifles including:

  • AR-15

  • 308

  • 5.7

  • 338 Lapua

Do you have rifle lanes longer than 25yds?
We have (4) 100-yard rifles lanes.

Will you allow shotguns to be fired at the range?
Yes, ONLY if using slugs and ONLY available to shoot on the 100 yards rifle range (no pistol slugs either).

Can I pick up my own brass and use reloads?
Yes, you can pick up your own brass (only yours). Reloads are fine as long as the are jacketed in some manner. We do not allow any all-lead, non-jacketed rounds to be fired out on the range. Most indoor ranges have this policy in place as well. It is because of the smoke that is produced from the wax ring around the bullet itself. We do allow people to shoot their own reloads as long as they have some sort of jacket on them. It does not have to be a full metal jacket, they can be semi-jacketed rounds. This prevents the smoke cloud that is produced by all-lead rounds. 

Exceptions to this policy:
1. We allow all types of .22 LR ammo. The majority of 22 LR rounds are going to be all-lead rounds.
2. Any caliber that is hard to find in a jacketed round or one that we do not sell in a jacketed alternative is allowed. Your most common ones are 45 Long Colt and other cowboy action loads that can only be found in all-lead rounds. So we are fine with them shooting those rounds. If a customers comes in with a common ammo that we carry and sell such as 38 special we require them to shoot a jacketed round. In this case, we would not allow you to shoot their lead reloads in 38 special.

Can I shoot rapid fire with a semi-automatic handgun (i.e., Double-taps or Triple shots, sometimes known as 2 to the chest, 1 to the head)?
We will allow double-taps (2 rapid fire shots, but must be followed with a rest). The reason for this policy is that inexperienced, rapid-fire, semi-auto handgun shooters will most often end up shooting into the ceiling because of the recoil - they likely leave the range with a big grin on their face, and we are left with lots of damage to cleanup. For that reason, we limit our patrons to (2) rapid fire shots at a time with a handgun.

Do you allow modern Muzzleloaders (with pyrodex powder) on the range?

Do you have any outdoor areas to shoot?
Currently, FGC is exclusively an indoor shooting range.

Do you have shooting lanes just for members?
We have 6 VIP lanes for our VIP Club members.

How many VIP Club lanes do you have?
6 lanes are devoted to VIP Club members.

What kinds of training courses do you offer?
We will offer LTC and firearm safety classes. In addition, some possible classes are:
Private VIP LTC, Ladies LTC, Basic Gun Cleaning and Maintenance, Handguns for Beginners, Family Firearms Safety, Holster presentation.

Members get a 10% apparel and accessory purchase discount?  What are accessories?
Holsters, cleaning kits, tactical bags, ear and eye protection, etc.

Do you have gun storage on site?
Yes, but it is for VIP Club members only for up to 2 firearms.

Who can use the VIP Club Restaurant?
All members may dine for lunch any day we are open.  VIP Club members and their guests have exclusive access to the VIP Club Restaurant for dinner and private events. 

Does FGC do events and facility rentals?
Yes!  Get all the Details here.

What kind of air ventilation does FGC provide?
We will meet and/or exceed all relevant EPA and NIOSH standards. The ventilation system is a state-of-the-art HEPA filtration system. All airborne firearm discharge (gas, powder, lead, etc…) gets sucked downrange and the particulate is then filtered out. This system maximizes user comfort and safety.