LTC (License to Carry) -- Formerly CHL (Concealed Handgun License)
Open Carry begins in Texas on January 1, 2016. Texas will require a person to be licensed for both concealed carry as well as open carry -- Existing CHL holders are grandfathered into this license. New applicants will receive an LTC (License to Carry).

Rules at Frisco Gun Club
Frisco Gun Club welcomes open carry at our club. However, we do not allow unholstering of open-carried firearm inside the club. If you are planning to practice shooting your firearm at Frisco Gun Club, it must be unloaded and inside a range bag or gun case upon entering the doors of the club. If you decide while in the club that you'd like to practice firing your holstered firearm, we ask that you find a range officer to accompany you onto the range and assist you, or exit the club and go to your car to unload your firearm and place it inside a bag or case.

Tactical Tuesdays
If you'd like to draw and shoot from a holster (concealed or open) at Frisco Gun Club, we offer Tactical Tuesdays including draw from holster and move and shoot. For anyone who has passed our Holster 1 and/or Action Dynamics 1 classes, this is a great way to practice with a holster.

Safety of Holstered Firearms These rules exist for the safety of our members and customers, and must be designed for those individuals with minimal experience unholstering a loaded firearm.

Frisco Gun Club reserves the right to ask any member or customer who unholsters a firearm inside the club from either a concealed or open-carry holster to leave the club. Safety is always our #1 priority, and as such, we thank you for understanding these safety precautions.

~ Frisco Gun Club