In this class, our instructors will teach you how to zero or sight in the iron sights on your AR-15 (or similar platform) rifle.  We will talk you through why iron sights are important, the common terminology surrounding aiming and sight usage, how bullet trajectory affects aim, and how to actually adjust the sights on your rifle.  We will discuss that sight in can be accomplished for varying distances, at varying distances.  From the classroom to the range, our instructors will then take you out to our 25yd training bay and help you put into practice, the process and techniques you just learned.

This class deals strictly with iron sights and not red dots, scopes or other optics, and is limited to AR-15 or similar platforms.  We will be zeroing from 25 yards. In  a subsequent class, we will show you how to accomplish a 50/200yd or 100yd zero from there.

You will be given a front sight tool to use in class, which is yours to keep when class is over, so no need to bring any tools of your own.

Cost:  $59 / person
Class Length:  1.5 hour
Participants:  4
Pre-Requisite:  Basic operational experience and/or have taken Basic Carbine (AR platform)
Requirements:  Your own AR-15 (or similar platform), shooting no larger caliber than .223Rem / 5.56 NATO, or .300BLK, with iron sights (fixed or flip-up), and 40-60 rounds of appropriate (no steel case, steel core, or green tip) ammunition.