AR15 - Level II


The class is geared for those interested in learning more about the AR rifle and have already taken our Level I class or have a familiarity with the basics of the AR.  Please note this is meant to present at a high level a variety of different topics, and is not an 'armorer' level class.  You should bring your AR and EMPTY magazine as we will walk through a basic field-level disassembly.  * NO AMMUNITION ALLOWED AT ALL! *  Ammo will be provided for the class as part of the price.

Guest instructor Michael Gefteas of Dallas Target & Action Shooters will lead this class. 

Time on the range to cover proper stance, grip and set your stock at the right length.  You will fire approximately 1 magazine of ammo..

Topics include:

  • Overview of how AR operates including nomenclature
  • Difference between .223 and 5.56 and why it is and isn't the same
  • Importance of using the right gun smithing tools
  • How to change furniture on an AR
  • How to field strip an AR
  • Difference between cleaners, lubes, oil, grease, etc.
  • How to properly lube an AR
  • How to change flash/brake and mount a suppressor 

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Cost:  $40 per person
When:  Thursday, Thurs August 17th // 6:30-8:30pm
Class Length:  2 hours
Pre-Requisite:  AR Level I
Equipment Requirements:  Bring your AR   ** DO NOT BRING magazines or ammo **