Firearm Cleaning

Handgun - $45                  Long gun - $65*

Each firearm is field stripped, ultrasonically cleaned and lubricated. The firearm is then reassembled and function checked.

If your firearm requires a more in depth cleaning, which may include rust or excessive fouling, you will be charged at a rate of $40 hour. Please contact the Gunsmith department via email prior to your arrival if you feel your firearm may need more than our field strip cleaning. Please include in your email detailed pictures of the firearm and a description of the cleaning to be done. 

Field Strip: to take apart (a weapon) to the extent authorized for routine cleaning, lubrication, and minor repairs.

Ensure all firearms are unloaded prior to arrival. When possible, bring your firearms in a soft case. Remove all accessories possible, such as slings, flashlights, etc before drop off. A valid form of ID (Driver’s License) is required to for drop off and pickup.

Common Gunsmith Work

Trigger Jobs:

  • 1911 Trigger Job (Labor only) - $125
  • Smith and Wesson XD & XDM trigger job (Labor only) - $70
  • Glock Trigger Job (Labor Only) - $60
  • Double and Single Action Revolvers Trigger Job (Labor Only)- $100-$150
  • AR15/10 & AK Trigger Job (Labor Only) - $60-$120
  • Bolt Action Rifle Trigger Job and Tune (Labor Only) - $60

Sight & Scope install:

  • Pistol Sight Installation (Based on model and sights) - $50-$120
  • Mount, level, and Boresight scope (50 YDS) - $60
  • Mount RMR (or similar) and sight in (7 YDS) - $75
  • Sight In - Pistol (7 YDS) - $40,
  • Sight In - Rifle (Includes AR/AK type pistol) (25-100 YDS) - $60


  • Test fire / Function test firearm - $40
  • Shop minimum -$40

* Long gun price includes: AR/AK/SBR/Shotgun/Lever Action (including pistol length platforms)

For all Gunsmith related questions, please email us at for the fastest response.