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LEATHAM TARANI - Hand-To-Gun Initiation 101 Course

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Train With The Greatest

Cutting edge professional training offered by the two foremost instructors in their respective fields (previously delivered only to U.S Department of Defense and Law Enforcement professionals) is now made available to civilian shooters. Spanning the gamut of both the tactical and competitive shooting communities, this elite training package called “Hand-to-Gun,” provides you with vetted personal security combative (defensive tactics) and the opportunity to significantly increase your on-demand shooting performance.  Details>>

Course Dates: June 22 through June 24, 2018

*Tickets available to purchase only until May 22nd

Cost: $750 / student

Location:  Frisco Gun Club / 6565 Eldorado Pkwy Frisco, TX 75033 / 214-618-4144

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FREE License to Carry (LTC) Class for first responders, military and veterans -- and their families.  Pay only $7.50 for the shooting qualification. Next class:
Thurs, Apr 26th at 7am
May - TBD

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FLP - Upcoming Seminars
Come join other firearms owners for an informative 1.5 hour question and answer Seminar with Criminal Defense Attorneys from Firearms Legal Protection.

AR-15 Myth or Fact
Date: TBD

What to Expect if I'm Involved in a Shooting
Sat, Mar 24th @ 4:00pm

GIFT Cards Available
Gift Cards for Frisco Gun Club, can be used for range time, memberships, merchandise, firearms, and more.  Buy in-store of online here:  FGC Gift Cards Online >>

GUEST Instructor Classes $20
These introductory/history classes of 2 very popular rifle platforms offered for just $20.

HISTORY of AR15 Platform 
INTRO to AK Basics

** Holster I Name Change **
Holster I is now Defensive Handgun I (Holster I).  Holster I has been updated to account for not only licensed carriers, but also home defenders. Whether you carry your handgun in a holster, or store it in the nightstand drawer, we'll teach you how to access and deploy it both safely and efficiently. Details >>

Intro to Handguns: Next Steps
New class designed to pick up where Intro to Handguns (Beginner) leaves off.  Details >>

Standing still and shooting a stationary target is where we all start... now move on to the next level where you draw from holster and shoot while on the move.   Dynamic Shooting is the next level, and our new Dynamic Shooting Series of classes will take you there.  More Details >>

Range Passes - End 12/31/17
Range passes at Frisco Gun Club are being phased out and will only be accepted through Dec 31, 2017. 

Our new onsite gunsmith, Chris Martin, began back in March.  Come see him for cleanings, repairs, trigger jobs, sight installs, customization and more.
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New RANGE Polices 
Effective March 1, 2017
HOURLY Range Pricing
Platinum Reservations on the Hour
Details >> 

LTC (License to Carry)
Now at Frisco Gun Club, SAME DAY QUALS for all LTC classes.  Details >

NEW: VIP News Webpage
Frisco Gun Club has added a brand new VIP Club News & Events section to our website where our VIP Club members can get all the latest updates.  Bookmark it!
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Machine Gun Rentals
Frisco Gun Club has full auto machine guns to rent including a AR-15, H&K MP5, AK47 and .308 FAL! No membership or reservation required, but members do get a discount! Open to the public - Starting at $34.99
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Half-Price Weekdays**
Tuesday - Fridays, from open until 3pm: Half Price Range fees for non-member Senior Citizens and qualifying non-member Service Persons (Veterans, Military, LE, Firefighters, and First Responders)

Ladies Night
Wednesday nights are "Ladies Nights at Frisco Gun Club - Half-Price range fees for all non-member ladies.  

OPEN CARRY at Frisco Gun Club
We support the right to conceal and open carry at FGC.  However, we do have some rules that our members and guests must follow.  Details >

NBC5 Story - "Guntry Clubs"
Bianca Castro from NBC5 in Dallas talks about Frisco Gun Club.  

Welcome to Frisco Gun Club, a one of a kind unique luxury Dallas Gun Range located just north of downtown in Frisco. We offer 36 ranges at 25 yards and 4 rifle ranges at 100 yards, all indoors and climate-controlled. With an onsite gunsmith, cafe and coffee shop, a 100 person classroom for safety, CHL and safety training, and an upscale VIP Club for members only, we think you'll like what you find.

OPEN TO THE PUBLIC  //  We Buy Used Guns

The Range

The Frisco Gun Club offers 40 shooting lanes with state-of-the-art digital target carrier systems. 36 lanes are for handguns and small-caliber rifles, at 25 yards in length.  We also offer 4 rifle lanes at 100 yards in length.  Rent handguns at the club or bring your own. The Range ›


While Frisco Gun Club is open to the public, we also offer 4 levels of membership to meet every need. Most memberships have an individual and a family option, and we also offer "Service" membership discounts as well.  Get all the details here.  Membership ›


Events are  big part of the experience at Frisco Gun Club.  We offer use of our 100 person meeting room, catering, use of the VIP restaurant, audio/visual, range packages, classes and more.  Talk to our event coordinator and get all the details.  Events

Classes & Training

Frisco Gun Club is the leading firearms instruction center in the Dallas / Ft.Worth area for all levels of student. We offer classes for every level of gun enthusiast -  whether you have never held a gun before, or you are looking to enhance your advanced knowledge - we have the class for you.  Choose individual classes, follow a curriculum, and even choose our membership enhancement add-on to get additional discounts and access to our tactical training bay.  Classes ›

(for qualifying non-member Service Persons (Veterans, Military, LE, Firefighters, and First Responders))

  • Tuesday-Thursday :: 10am-3pm
  • Friday :: 9am-3pm

* does not apply to Holidays that fall on a weekday (Memorial Day, Labor Day, President's Day. July 4th, etc.)

Ladies Night at the Frisco Gun Club -- Every Wednesday from 5-9pm, range fees are half price for our non-member female shooters.

Children under 18 are welcome to shoot on the range as long as they are with a a parent or legal guardian.  If you are bringing minors who do not meet these criteria (grandchildren, nephews, nieces, friends of your children), please bring a Parent Permission Form with you to the range for each child.

FFL Transfers
The Frisco Gun Club can assist with FFL Transfer of firearms to and from the Club. The price is $50. More Information...

Our Cafe is OPEN and so far it's been a great success. Grab something while at the club, or take something to go. Here's a look at the Cafe Menu.