Frisco Gun Club is the leading firearms instruction center in the Dallas / Ft.Worth area for all levels of student.

At Frisco Gun Club, we offer classes for every level of gun enthusiast -  whether you have never held a gun before, or you are looking to enhance your advanced knowledge - we have the class for you.  Choose individual classes, follow a curriculum, get one-on-one teaching, and even qualify to access our tactical practice days - Tactical Tuesdays.

We offer a variety of classroom and range instructional courses listed below. Scroll down to see a description of each, pricing and a link to book each class online. Once you click the link, you will see a listing of available dates and times for the selected class.

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LTC (License to Carry)

Our standard, first-time LTC class (formerly CHL) on select Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays with qualifications available on the SAME DAY prior to class. Classroom instruction begins at 8am, but we kickoff qualification shooting at 7am -- arrive by 6:45am to checkin, and get ready to shoot your qual before class.  Don't have time to come in early?  No problem, you can schedule a LTC (Free Qual) on a different day.  Not quite ready to shoot your qual test?  We've got you covered also.  Signup for our LTC2 (Qualification Instruction) class and get some personal attention and help on how to get through the LTC qual.

Saturdays/Sundays and select Wednesdays at 8am :: Price $95
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Introduction to Handguns (Beginner)

This FGC exclusive beginner course teaches firearms safety, grip, stance, sight picture, trigger squeeze, how ammunition works and different types of handguns. (3 hours)

Thur/Fri, 6-9pm :: Thurs/Fri, 9am-12pm :: Sun, 4-7pm
Price: $150 for 1 / $100 for each additional person up to 4 total 
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One-on-One Private Lesson

(Both handguns and rifles) -- Our one-on-one private lessons allow you the opportunity to ask any question, or work on any technique with one our our skilled Range officers. These can happen in the classroom or on the range depending on the nature of your questions and need.

Price: $35/per half hour (2 maximum in a session)
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Youth Introduction to Firearms

Safety and proper instruction for children and youth - All ages are welcome up to 17 years old.  Instructors will meet with parents to determine the children who are ready to head out to the range and learn safety and basics of 3 pistols/3 rifles (all .22 caliber).

Multiple Saturdays per month, 4-6pm  -- 3-5pm beginning in May 2015
Price: $99 (2 hour class)

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LTC Quals and LTC2 (Qualification Prep)

Our LTC Quals are scheduled on a different day than the one you actually take your LTC class on - We offer 2 types of Quals:  Our free quals are on Wednesdays from 1-7pm, and our LTC2 Qual Prep is an optional class that will walk you through everything you need to successfully pass the LTC qualification in a group setting, and get you comfortable with what you need to accomplish at the different distances on the range.  After the classroom portion, we will take you on the range to complete the LTC Qualification shooting test. Once completed you will leave with all  your final LTC paperwork.  

For those who need a little extra time and assistance prepping for the LTC qual.

Wednesdays: 1-7pm (Free quals, 25 mins)
Thurs/Fri; 12pm and 2pm (45 mins) :: Price: $29
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Home Defense

This class focuses on strategies and techniques for defending your home effectively.  What are the best home defense weapons, and how do you easily access guns in safe manner?  Proper use of gun safes and other safe storage options;  situational awareness in the home. 

Taught One-on-One for 1 hr - $70.
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Holster 1: Draw from Holster using FGC EQUIPMENT

Learn the basics of drawing from a concealed holster using FGC guns and holsters.  Our instructors will teach proper techniques with an emphasis on safety using handguns with double action and a safety.  Begins in classroom with dummy blue guns and moves onto the range. This class is also the first required class that will make you eligible to take many of our more advanced handgun courses such as Action Dynamic, Low Light Shooting, and Tactical Piston I and II. A CHL is not required to take this class. Being confident with your handgun begins by being able to safely draw your gun from a holster. Don’t wait until it is too late to learn that you needed to practice drawing your weapon, register today. 

Saturdays, 8-10am; 11am-1pm; 2-4pm
Price: $149 (2hrs)

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Holster 2: Draw from Holster using YOUR EQUIPMENT

After you complete Holster 1, you'll be ready to move on to Holster 2.  In this class, you'll take everything you learned in Holster 1 and use those skills with your own handgun and holster.

Sundays, 10am-12pm, 1pm-3pm --- Price: $99 per person (2hrs)
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Action Dynamics 1: Shooting on the Move

Since real life shooting scenarios rarely involve standing still and shooting at a fixed object, Frisco Gun Club now offers our Action Dynamic course. This class will teach you how to effectively move and shoot your gun at the same time. You will be taught how to use proper footwork, scan for targets while navigating around obstacles, and even perform reloads while moving and shooting. This class stresses the importance of being able to process multiple events, all happening at the same time, all while staying focused on your target and placing rounds in an effective manner. You will leave this class confident that you will be able to recognize cover vs. concealment, and that you can move from one point to another, all while firing and manipulating your firearm in a safe, effective, and quick manner. To register for this class, all students must have successfully passed Holster Presentation.

Wednesdays; 8-10am and 11am-1pm
Price: $99 (2hrs)

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Action Dynamics 2: Nighttime/Low-Light Situations

Once you master shooting on the move, we throw in a new dynamic (you can't see).  One of the best ways to become a better shooter, is to put yourself in challenging shooting environments. At Frisco Gun Club we have adopted this philosophy and as a result we now offer our Low Light Shooting course. Students will be challenged by learning to identify multiple targets in the dark. Students will be taught how to shoot while holding a flashlight, how to look for auxiliary light sources, different flashlight lighting techniques and how to identify threats vs. non threats. All of this will be done in one of our indoor shooting bays with the lights off. As a student you will gain the necessary skills needed to confidently use your firearm in a darkened room. Become a better, more confident shooter today. Required classes prior to taking Low Light Shooting are Holster Presentation, and Action Dynamic.

Thursdays; 8-10am and 11am-1pm
Price: $99 (2hrs)

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Basic Carbine (AR Platform)

Basic Carbine offers students information on the basics of operating an AR platform rifle. Our Instructors will explain all parts of the AR-15 rifle platform. Students will learn proper terminology, nomenclature, grip, stance, and how to sight in your rifle. After a brief classroom instruction, students will hit the range and begin taking part in some basic rifle shooting drills. All done under the supervision of one of our Frisco Gun Club Firearms Instructors. This is the perfect class for new rifle shooters, or for the individual that hasn’t shot their rifle in some time, and wants to get reacquainted with proper shooting skills. If you are interested in eventually taking one of our more advanced tactical rifle courses, this is where you start.

Wednesdays; 6-8pm
Price: $99 (2hrs)

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