At Frisco Gun Club, we offer classes for every level of gun enthusiast -  whether you have never held a gun before, or you are looking to enhance your advanced knowledge - we have the class for you.  Choose individual classes, follow a curriculum, get one-on-one teaching, and even qualify to access our Dynamic Shooting sessions.

Intro To Handguns

This is the perfect class for the beginner, or someone who is just wanting to get started using guns. Spend 1 hour in the classroom learning the basics and then move onto the range for the last hour and shoot a variety of different handguns (revolvers, semi-automatics, small to large calibers) - all handguns and ammo provided.

LTC 1 (License to Carry)

License to Carry class required by the state of Texas to carry open or concealed.

LTC 2 (Qualifications)

For those who have taken LTC 1 and still need to Qualify on the range in order to get their License to Carry.

Holster I

In this class, you will learn the basics of drawing from a holster or from a safe location in your home. This class begins in the classroom with practice guns and moves onto the range where you will participate in live fire drills, using FGC guns and holsters.  Our instructors will teach proper techniques with an emphasis on safety using handguns with double action and a safety.

Action I Dynamics

In Action I Dynamics you will be taught how to use proper footwork, scan for targets while navigating around obstacles, and even perform reloads while moving and shooting. This class stresses the importance of being able to process multiple events, all happening at the same time, all while staying focused on your target and placing rounds in an effective manner. 

Basic Carbine (AR-15)

This is the perfect class for new rifle shooters, or for the individual that hasn’t shot their rifle in some time, and wants to get reacquainted with proper shooting skills. If you are interested in eventually taking one of our more advanced tactical rifle courses, this is where you start.

Frisco Gun Club is the leading firearms instruction center in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area for all levels of student.

We offer a variety of classroom and range instructional courses listed below. Scroll down to see a description of each, pricing and a link to book each class online. Once you click the link, you will see a listing of available dates and times for the selected class.

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