(2.5 hrs) -- $99 for 1 / $179 for 2
  Friday evenings: 6 - 8:30pm
 Sunday afternoons: 4 - 6:30pm

This is our MOST POPULAR Beginner class covering a variety of SAFETY topics as well as grip, stance, sight picture, trigger squeeze, how ammunition works and different types of handguns. 

This is the perfect class for the beginner, or someone who is just wanting to get started using guns. Spend 1 hour in the classroom learning the basics and then move onto the range for the last hour and shoot a variety of different handguns (revolvers, semi-automatics, small to large calibers) - all handguns and ammo provided.

Price includes all ammunition, targets, firearms, eye/ear protection and range fees.  Course includes classroom instruction and range time.

* Under 21 must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian

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Cost:  $99 for 1 person, discounted price for each additional person (up to 4) in group.  
     $179 for 2
     $259 for 3
    $339 for 4
Schedule:  Fri: 6 - 8:30pm ; Sunday: 4 - 6:30pm
Class Length:  2.5 hours (half in classroom and half on range)
Participants:  10
Pre-Requisite:  None
Ammunition Requirements:  None (All provided)