Much like our Introduction to Handgun class, Basic Rifle/Carbine offers students information to the world of rifle shooting. Our Instructors will explain all parts of the AR-15 rifle platform. Students will learn proper terminology, nomenclature, grip, stance, and how to sight in your rifle. 

After a brief classroom instruction, students will hit the range and begin taking part in some basic rifle shooting drills, all done under the supervision of one of our Frisco Gun Club Firearms Instructors. 

This is the perfect class for new rifle shooters, or for the individual that hasn’t shot their rifle in some time, and wants to get reacquainted with proper shooting skills. If you are interested in eventually taking one of our more advanced tactical rifle courses, this is where you start.

Cost:  $99 / person
Schedule: Wednesdays; 6-8pm
Class Length:  2 hours 
Participants:  6
Pre-Requisite:  None
Ammunition Requirements:  100-150 rounds of appropriate ammo