AK - Level I

History / How to Purchase an AK

If you've ever wondered when is an AK47 an AK47?  When is an AK47 not an AK47 but instead an AKM?  Or AK74?  How do you know?  What makes one AK better quality than another?  You're in luck - we have just the class for you!  Introducing our first ever 'AK Basics' class.  The world of AK's is nothing like the world of AR's!

Guest instructor Michael Gefteas of Dallas Target & Action Shooters will lead this class. 

The class is geared for those interested in learning more about the AK platform.  Please note this is meant to present at a high level a variety of different topics, and is not an 'armorer' level class.  Accordingly, I will bring an AK, different mounts, tools, Russian and US optics for class presentation, but please do NOT bring your AK's.

Topics include:

  • Basic AK history and variants (just of few of the many will be discussed at a high level)
  • What differentiates a quality AK from an inferior one
  • What to look for when purchasing an AK
  • Why you have to count the number of US made parts on your AK to stay legal
  • How to do a basic disassemble, clean and lubricate an AK after a range trip
  • Why not to use your Craftsman or other tools on your rifle
  • How to do basic upgrades and modifications to an AK (why parts for an AK won't fit all AK's)
  • Different options for mounting optics to an AK
  • Basic overview of popular Russian optics vs. US optics on the AK rifle

Need help using the OFFER CODE? Instructions are HERE>> 

Cost:  $20 per person
When:  Saturday, July 22 // 4:00-6:00pm
Class Length:  2 hours
Pre-Requisite:  None
Equipment Requirements:  None - Do not bring any firearms or ammunition