VIP Club Shooting League
to Apr 30

VIP Club Shooting League

Frisco Gun VIP Club Shooting League

We are excited to kick off the brand new VIP Club Shooting League this month, beginning Saturday, April 23rd! We've designed the league based on feedback form our members as well as input from our training division instructors. Each month will have a slightly different format. April will begin with an accuracy competition - 50 shots at 5 different distances, 10 rounds each distance. 

Scoring sessions begin this weekend, Saturday April 23 and will be open for one week until Saturday April 30th. Anytime between April 23-30, come in and shoot an OFFICIAL target with an RSO present. RSO will score the target immediately and you and the RSO will both signoff on the target and submit it into the competition.The League will prepare our members for the upcoming end of year VIP Club Championship.

VIP Club Shooting League Details

First Month Shooting Dates:  April 23-30, 2016
League Format:  2 Competition Divisions -- OPEN/MODIFIED and  LIMITED/FACTORY**

OPEN/MODIFIEDAny modified handgun
(Mod examples:, holographic sights, extended barrels, compensators, 
porting, mag wells, grip/trigger work, optics) - No lasers may be used in competition

LIMITED/FACTORYFactory standard handgun

April Shoot Rules of Competition:

  • Use any center fire handgun (revolver or semi) - No rimfire
  • 5 Bullseye Targets - 50 rounds
  • 3, 7, 10, 15, 25 yards (10 shots each)

Who Can Participate:  League is open to all VIP Club members and family (officially listed on VIP membership). 

** Final Division placement to be determined by FGC Staff

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