Tuesdays are the new day to practice what you've been learning in our classes.  Draw from Holster and Action Dynamics (Shooting on the Move).  

We will offer morning (8-10am) and evening (6:30-8:30pm) sessions in 2 hour blocks -- the first hour is "Holster Bay" and second hour is "Action Bay" -- Participants must have passed the Frisco Gun Club Holster Presentation 1 to use holster bay where you may draw from your holster, and must have passed Action Dynamics 1 to use the Action Bay where you can move and shoot.



  • Completed Holster 1 Class at Frisco Gun Club for "Draw from Holster" practice
  • Completed Action Dynamics 1 Class at Frisco Gun Club for "Move and Shoot" practice
  • Not required to have completed both (only have to complete 1 of these classes to participate in that section of Tactical Tuesdays
  • Own you own holster and firearm

           Tuesday Mornings   8-10am
           Tuesday Evenings   6:30-8:30pm

Price to Use Tactical Bays

   Non-Members:  $35/hour
   Members:  $20/hour    CODE: TAC-MEMBER
   VIP Club:  $10/hour     CODE: TAC-VIP

We will verify membership and class completions when you arrive.