Tactical Training at Frisco Gun Club  - Click on the video above to see a short demo of what we do.

Tactical Training is the new time to practice the more advanced techniques that you've been learning in our classes.  Having set the foundation with knowledge and techniques learned in Holster 1 and Action 1, Tactical Training takes a step to the next level.  Our focus turns towards the mindset and mental mechanics necessary to quickly and effectively process dynamic environments and unforeseen real-life crisis scenarios.  We reinforce the physical technique fundamentals through drill and repetition and teach you to anticipate and react safely, appropriately and efficiently to situations that call for personal defensive measures.


  • Completion of BOTH Holster 1 AND Action 1 Classes at Frisco Gun Club and/or Instructor certification of readiness to proceed to Tactical Training 
  • Bring your own holster and handgun (you can bring multiple gear sets if you like)
  • 100-150 rds of ammunition

           Tues Mornings           8-10am
           Tues/Wed Evenings   6:30-8:30pm
           Select Sundays          8-10am // 1-3pm

Price to Use Tactical Bays

   Non-Members:  $35/session
   Members:  $20/session    CODE: TAC-MEMBER
   VIP Club:  $10/session     CODE: TAC-VIP

We will verify membership and class completions when you arrive.