Tactical Training Days are the new time to practice what you've been learning in our classes.  Draw from Holster and Action Dynamics (Shooting on the Move).  

We will offer sessions in 2 hour blocks -- the first hour is "Holster Bay" and second hour is "Action Bay" -- Participants must have passed the Frisco Gun Club Holster Presentation 1 to use holster bay where you may draw from your holster, and must have passed Action Dynamics 1 to use the Action Bay where you can move and shoot.


  • Completed Holster 1 Class at Frisco Gun Club for "Draw from Holster" practice
  • Completed Action Dynamics 1 Class at Frisco Gun Club for "Move and Shoot" practice
  • Not required to have completed both (only have to complete 1 of these classes to participate in that section of Tactical Tuesdays
  • Own you own holster and firearm

           Tues Mornings           8-10am
           Tues/Wed Evenings   6:30-8:30pm
           Select Sundays          8-10am // 1-3pm

Price to Use Tactical Bays

   Non-Members:  $35/hour
   Members:  $20/hour    CODE: TAC-MEMBER
   VIP Club:  $10/hour     CODE: TAC-VIP

We will verify membership and class completions when you arrive.