Public Range Fees

Some of the most common misconceptions about Frisco Gun Club are that is is for members only and that it is very expensive.  These are simply not true.  We are Open to the Public, and shooting on the 25yard pistol range is only $20/hour.   Members do get some great perks and privileges, detailed out below, but membership is not a necessity. 

  • Non-Member Range Fee: $20/hr/person on pistol // $35/hr/person on rifle (Hourly Only)

  • 2nd person (with Non-member): $15/hr/person (on same pistol lane) // $20/hr (on same rifle lane)

  • Under 18 (with parent or guardian on same lane): $8/hr/person - pistol // $10/hr/person - rifle

  • Senior Citizen Discounts: (Age 65 and older) $10/hr/person on pistol or $17.50/hr/person on rifle -- Tuesday-Friday from open until 3pm

  • Veteran Discounts: $10/hr/person on pistol or $17.50/hr/person on rifle -- Tuesday-Friday from open until 3pm

REGULAR Membership Level

Regular membership is our most economical  membership for those who come to the range regularly, around once a month.  Get half-price range fees ANYTIME along with the following:

  • $1.00 OFF each box of centerfire range ammo

  • 5% off of rimfire range ammo

  • $4.00 OFF each rental gun

  • $10.00 OFF New LTC Classes

  • Prior notice to all events/sales

  • Range Fees: Pistol - $10/hr/person; Rifle - $17.50/hr/person - Children under 18 remain at normal child fees.

  • Guest (On Same Lane): $15/hr/person - pistol // $20/hr/person

  • 5% OFF new and used gun purchases (In-store inventory only)

  • 10% OFF accessory purchases (REGULAR PRICES)

Regular Individual (covers 1 person)

Regular Family (covers up to 6 members of same household)*

PLATINUM Membership Level

Platinum membership is our most popular membership for those who shoot often and don't want to worry about ever paying range fees.  Pay no range fees ever along with the following:

  • Same benefits as REGULAR membership, plus:

  • NO Range Fees (Standard Paper Target Lanes)

  • $15/hr/person (guest with member on same Pistol lane)

Platinum Family (covers up to 6 members of same household)*

Platinum Individual (covers 1 person)

PLATINUM ELITE Membership Level

Platinum ELITE membership combines our most popular membership (Platinum) with benefits with our partner ClubCorp.  This is a monthly-only membership - pay no range fees ever along with the following:

Platinum ELITE Family (covers up to 6 members of the same household)*

Platinum ELITE Individual (covers 1 person)

VIP Club Membership

VIP Club is our top-level membership for those who want a country club type of experience.  Pay a one-time initiation fee and then maintain monthly dues.  Covers spouse and family members age 25 and under.

  • All the Benefits of Platinum

  • Use of Members-Only Club Restaurant

  • Upscale private dining

  • Unlimited use of private lanes

  • Free gun storage (2 guns per member)

  • Special events

  • 1 hour of private instruction

  • 1 free gun cleaning every other month (6 annually)

  • 1 free sight-in per year

VIP Club Family -- $7,500 initiation and $200/month dues
VIP Club CORPORATE -- $10,000 initiation and $600/month dues (Covers 3 corporate members, but does not cover family members)

Email for details