Dynamic Fundamentals is the time where you get to practice what you've learned in Holster 1 and Action 1.  During specific times on Sunday afternoons, our Training Bay becomes the Dynamic Fundamentals Bay where you can join up to 5 other participants on an hourly basis, along with a Dynamic Shooting instructor, to practice your skills.  We will focus on holster draws and/or movement skills, based on the needs of participants on the Bay at the current time, and work to maximize repetitions towards the goal of building critical muscle memory in these areas.


  • Must have completed at least Holster 1 at Frisco Gun Club
  • Must have a handgun with appropriate holster and at least 2 spare magazines
  • There must be a slot available (6 students at a time maximum)
  • Walk-in only. No reservations


  • Non-Members:  $25/hr
  • Members:  $15/hr
  • VIP:  No Cost/hr


  • Next session -- Sunday, Aug 20 :: 1:00 - 4:00pm


  • 3 hour time window on select dates.  Participate in 1, 2 or 3 hr increments (as available)


  • 6 maximum at a time