During Dynamic Shooting Practice, come in and rent a lane in our Training Bay, on an hour by hour basis and join up to 5 other participants and our dynamic shooting instructors for skills and drills.  We’ll focus on holster draw and/or movement skills, based on the needs of current participants, and work to maximize repetitions towards the goal of building critical muscle memory in these areas.


  • Must have completed at least Holster 1 and Dynamic Shooting Foundations (Moving & Shooting) at Frisco Gun Club
  • Must have a handgun with appropriate holster and at least 2 spare magazines
  • There must be a slot available (6 students at a time maximum)
  • Walk-in only, No reservations


  • Non-Members:  $25/hr
  • Members:  $15/hr
  • VIP:  No Cost/hr


  • TBD


  • Multi-hour time window, you can rent 1 or more hours within that window (as available)


  • 6 maximum at a time