LTC (License to Carry) - LADIES ONLY

Senior LTC Instructor Scott yarbro


Select Wednesday mornings :: 8:30am - 3pm
Qualifications DONE before class at 7am

Price $85 (includes Lunch - order will be taken before class begins)..

FGC is proud to bring in one of DFW's best female LTC instructors to host a special ladies-only LTC Class. This is the state required class for applying for a new Texas License To Carry (LTC), designed for ladies. Lunch will be included with the class, orders will be taken before class begins at 8:30am. Our standard first-time LTC (formerly CHL) classroom time for ladies-only is on select Wednesdays with guest instructor, Paula Bond (bio at bottom of page).

Qualifications are now done on the SAME DAY before class. Come in early at 6:45am and sign in, and shoot your qualification at 7am. If you don't have time or are not yet ready to qualify on the same day, you can always schedule another time. Classroom instruction will begin PROMPTLY at 8:30am.
  • Professional classroom instruction with Texas certified and insured instructor.
  • Range qualification on a Texas Department of Public Safety approved range
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Paperwork preparation assistance
  • Receive a ticket for 2 free range passes and 1 free Test Fire Gun in the future. Ammunition is NOT included. (Total combined value of $55)
  • On the day of your scheduled qualifying, please arrive on time with the following, prior to entering the classroom --- Firearm, 50 rounds of ammunition, and eye & ear protection. (You may purchase ammo at the club, but please do so before entering classroom).
* No other offers valid during Special pricing. Member discounts do not apply to specials


There are 2 things that must be completed within 2 years of taking our class to receive your LTC. These may be done before or after the class, but do them in this ORDER:

1. DPS Website: Go to this site to sign-up with the state - this must be done before you can schedule your prints, but is not mandatory before taking our class. Click here to go to website >>

2. Get Fingerprints: Please use Service Code: 119Q91.  In order to complete your DPS application, you will need to submit fingerprints. You must START the DPS application before you do your fingerprints. We DO NOT take fingerprints at Frisco Gun Club, but there are several locations in Frisco where they can be done - start with the MorphoTrust (Idento) website to register and find a location: please use Service Code: 119Q91 
Click here to start >>


Paula Bond is a certified NRA and Texas DPS License to Carry (CHL) instructor, and a guest instructor at Frisco Gun Club.  She has trained over 7,000 Texas License to Carry (CHL) students and conducted hundreds of private lessons.

Paula was a law enforcement officer in Pensacola, FL and a Deputy Sheriff in Manatee Co, FL.  She served in patrol, crime scene investigation and undercover narcotics.  She has been shooting for over 30 years and instructing for over 10 years.

Paula’s passion for helping ladies become comfortable with the shooting sports and personal protection has developed into a successful career in the firearms industry.