This class will provide you with the tools needed to defend you and your home in the event of a criminal event. Our instructors will not just go over ideas and strategies to combat criminals wanting to gain access to your home and family. They will also talk to you about mentally preparing yourself and how to formulate a plan so that if a criminal event occurs, you will be prepared. Topics to be discussed include, safe checking your home in advance, creating a GoTo Bag, pre planned avenues and priority locations, accessing firearms and how to move through your home armed. This class is a comprehensive study into keeping you and your family safe and how to implement techniques that increase the safety of those in your home.

Cost:  $70 / person
Schedule:  Currently scheduled as a 1-on-1 appt
Class Length:  1 hour
Participants:  1-2
Pre-Requisite:  None
Ammunition Requirements:  None 

Topics to be Covered

  • Creating a safe home environment
  • Storing weapons in your home
  • Importance of balancing safety vs. accessibility
  • Creating a GoTo Bag
  • Developing a proper offensive mindset
  • Maneuvering through your home offensively
  • Choosing the best defensive weapon for you and your home
  • Developing practice drills for your home
  • Maintaining a secure setting