You've completed your CHL and now you are ready to carry your gun. The next step is to choose the right gun and method of concealing, and learn to access your gun in a safe and efficient manner. Learn the basics of drawing from a concealed holster using FGC guns and holsters.  

Our instructors will teach proper techniques with an emphasis on safety using handguns with double action and a safety.  

This class begins in the classroom with dummy blue guns and moves onto the range. Students will learn how to properly draw a concealed handgun from a holster. This class is also the first required class that will make you eligible to take many of our more advanced handgun courses such as Dynamic Shooting - Foundations and Dynamic Shooting - Low Light

Being confident with your handgun begins by being able to safely draw your gun from a holster. Don’t wait until it is too late to learn to draw safely from a concealed holster.

Cost:  $99 /person (includes 1 box of 9mm ammo)
Schedule:  Saturdays, 9-11am; 12pm-2pm
Class Length:  2 hours (first part in classroom and remainder on range)
Participants:  6
Pre-Requisites:  None (Perfect class to follow CHL)
Ammunition Requirements:  50 rounds of 9mm (provided by FGC)