AR15 Rifle - Level I

Beginner Level AR15 Class

Join us for this short (1.5hr) Introduction to the AR Rifle platform with an emphasis on basics and maintenance (how to upgrade, clean, maintain, and understand your AR rifle). This class is geared towards the AR novice.

Guest instructor Michael Gefteas of Dallas Target & Action Shooters will lead this class.  

Please note this is meant to present at a high level a variety of different topics, and is not an 'armorer' level class.  You should bring your AR as we will walk through a basic field-level disassembly.  


Topics include:

  • Overview of how AR operates including terminology
  • Difference between AR10 and AR15 (briefly)
  • Difference between .223 and 5.56 and why it is and isn't the same
  • Importance of using the right gun-smithing tools 
  • How to field strip an AR
  • Difference between cleaners, lubes, oil, grease, etc. 
  • How to properly lube an AR

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Cost:  $20 per person
When:  Saturday, June 10th // 4:00-5:30pm
Class Length:  1.5 hours
Pre-Requisite:  None
Equipment Requirements:  Bring your AR    ** DO NOT bring any magazines or ammo **