Nighttime / Low-Light Situations

Once you master shooting on the move, we throw in a new dynamic... darkness.  You can't see.  One of the best ways to become a better shooter, is to put yourself in challenging shooting environments.

At Frisco Gun Club we have adopted this philosophy and as a result we now offer our Action Dynamics 2 - Nighttime/Low-light Shooting course. Students will be challenged by learning to identify multiple targets in the dark. 

Students will be taught how to shoot while holding a flashlight, how to look for auxiliary light sources, different flashlight lighting techniques and how to identify threats vs. non threats. 

All of this will be done in one of our indoor shooting bays with the lights off. As a student you will gain the necessary skills needed to confidently use your firearm in a darkened room. Become a better, more confident shooter today. Required classes prior to taking Low Light Shooting are Holster Presentation, and Action Dynamic.

Cost:  $99 / person
Schedule: Thursdays; 8-10am and 11am-1pm
Class Length:  2 hours
Participants:  6
Pre-Requisite:  Holster Presentation 1, Action Dynamics 1
Ammunition Requirements:  100 rounds of appropriate ammo